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Isabelle in Smith Lake

Smith Lake, Tri-X and PMK Pyro

I’ve been considering using my capability to have a blog to sort and share my thoughts for a while now. I would consider this as a sketch book, a ¬†place where I can leave what I’m doing, thinking about, etc. Not exactly a ground breaking cutting edge blog format, but that’s fine. I’m not out to set blog records. In fact the word “blog” makes me sort of uncomfortable.

So I have found myself a recent transplant of Portland, Oregon. Greg and I have been here for a few days shy of six months now. It hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been particularly difficult. Challenging is a better word, I think. I have a lot more respect for the transplant process now. Doing what we did and in the way we did it ¬†was like ripping off a band-aid; Graduate from college, say good-bye to friends and family, pack up all your things and go into the unknown.

After graduation I thought a lot about photography. I thought about making it. I thought about what I should do with it. I thought about other people’s photography. But picking up my camera made me feel a little sad. For me, thinking about photography seemed to be the next big step as I mourned for my previous life and closing of a chapter. I had to debrief from the last few years, and just take some time to be alone with photography.

While I thought and settled into my new home, job and city I made some camera related purchases. New lens. Developing gear. I sort of rebuilt my arsenal and began to become adjusted to my new developing arrangements. I really wanted to get PMK pyro down. Previously I had struggled getting the developer to work, and was starting to feel like there was something wrong with me. I am by no means the best black and white developer, but I should be able to handle PMK pyro. So I did more research, and on a particularly sunny and beautiful day here in the usually rainy winter time in Portland, Greg, Isabelle and I set out for a brief adventure in North Portland to Smith Lake. We really didn’t have plans, we just kind of picked a spot and walked around. It felt nice to have the a little bit of freedom, and the pressure of making work off me. It made me want to actually make work. Again, this is like a sketch book. So consider these images some successful PMK pyro developing and also just kind of looking around and exploring the new-to-me landscape.


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